DES Electrical Solutions

Traffic Remodelling

Skilled in Traffic Light installation and remodelling of traffic signals, DES offer this bespoke and skilled service to contractual teams for installation, setting and maintenance. Some examples of what we can provide for traffic light work include:

  1. Install and maintain traffic signal systems, and other related electrical systems, to include vehicle detector loops, video detection systems, and communication systems related to traffic signals
  2. Complete all complex, and State-regulated, electrical maintenance and repair projects assigned to the traffic signal maintenance unit
  3. Maintain all field components in the signal systems including: painting of signal related equipment to resist weathering; annual testing of conflict monitors, annual re-lamping of signals; and verifying the operational status of fire preemption equipment
  4. Implement work plans, assign and inspect the technical work of unit staff to ensure compliance with electrical codes, City specifications and standards and State safety laws
  5. Inspections of new traffic signal installations and repairs for compliance with construction plans and specifications
  6. Responds to emergency signal malfunctions, customer service requests and inquiries regarding traffic signals

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